Prime 34 is innovation, study and research, overturning and going beyond canonical standards in terms of leisure nautical design. In the “day cruiser” category, Prime 34 is an unprecedented example in terms of style, versatility and quality of materials.


  • Un unusual, bold and appealing design. Thanks to a cut and not excessively sharp bow, Prime 34 is a “best in class” in terms of stylistic innovation, a new reference model for a new design method.
  • Led lights along the entire perimeter and on specific sections embellish the design, are appealing to the eye and allow standing out from the range of traditional boats.


  • An exceptional compromise between internal and external living; a spacious deck with unmatchable freedom of movement and below deck – with bedroom and bathroom – equipped for ultra-comfortable cruiser living room. Prime 34 confers a new meaning to the “day cruiser” category, in terms of living comfort.
  • With a garage space able to house a two-metre tender able to carry three people, Prime 34 is an absolute novelty in terms of loading capacity in the “day cruiser” category. Prime 34 is the exception that confirms the rule.
  • With an external piece of furniture that can be quickly transformed from navigation to furniture mode and an awning that can be installed in just a few simple steps, Prime 34 represents a virtuous example in terms of flexibility, simplicity of use and versatility.


  • Large exposed sections in pure carbon fibre; an unmatchable weight-power ratio, a new meaning in terms of type and finish of materials.
  • Fabrics for anti-moisture and anti-water accumulation pillows to ensure excellence, quality and durability in time.