Rude, the brand’s genesis


The newly conceived Rude® style centre relies on a strong, impacting and modern brand identity that expresses the values and philosophy that distinguish the company at best: experimentation and advanced technology.

The monogram – of impacting shape – and the choice of a colour palette on grey/black tones recalls the use of high-tech materials of last generation, like carbon fibre – the main material used in the prototypes built or studied by Rude®. The palette is completed by a red colour accent, symbol of dynamicity and passion, Rude®’s key terms.

The entire coordinated image and personalisation project of the first yacht prototype (Prime 34) was looked after by studio OfficineMultiplo – Architecture, design, communication- located in Turin. This work lays the bases for future collaboration with regards to the definition of new communication materials and development of new concepts concerning transportation design.

Link to the Brand identity project.

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